Should you use an iPad in commercial real estate?

How can you use an iPad in commercial real estate?

How to use iPad in Commercial Real Estate

We are a bunch of early adopters here at Strategic so we jumped on the iPad release immediately and bought a few and headed off to ICSC Recon in Vegas back in May 2010 to give it a try…

We found it to be a great device for a trade show as we were able to utilize it in all of our meetings at ICSC Vegas.

Here are some ways you can use an iPad in Commercial Real Estate:

  • Review shopping center site plans, brochures, demographics
  • Presentations for new business pitches
  • Modify Letter of Intent/Contracts/Leases
  • View property websites/videos
  • Email correspondence

Upon our return from the show we have found many ways to incorporate its use into our daily retail brokerage work:

  • Client meetings where we can have all property info handy at a moment’s notice to review/modify/email…
  • Space showings & tenant tours with all needed info at our fingertips to increase efficiency and do everything we can to shorten the deal process…

I think we all know that time kills deals and anything we can do to shorten the length of time in today’s economy we consider a required tool.

Do you have an iPad in use for your business?

How do you use it to increase your productivity?

Let us know how you use your iPad and what your favorite business apps are…

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