How to Get Your Mail Opened and Read First…

How To Get Prospects to Read Your Mail

As real estate salespeople, we are constantly sending letters, brochures, post cards, etc. to our prospective tenants and future clients.

Summer vacations mean mail piles up on your prospects desks and inboxes with all the other mail. If you want to distinguish yourself from the competition, just think about the first thing you would open when you get to your desk.












There could be 100 pieces of mail, BUT if it’s a FedEx package – you are opening that first. Sending your information FedEx guarantees it will be opened.

The great Jerry Hocutt, author of Cold Calling for Cowards, says if you want to separate your FedEx from the rest, put 2 copies of your materials in the FedEx envelope, but crumble one in a ball so the envelope looks “stuffed”.

Jerry then adds a post-it that reads: “before you throw this one away…” and then personalize the message.

You may very well get a fast call back.

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