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leadto guide on a way especially by going in advance; to go at the head of or to be first in or among

in·no·vateto make changes; to do something in a new way

Strategic Retail Group is the leader for innovative marketing among Arizona commercial brokerage firms. By utilizing YouTube, twitter, Facebook and many other Internet sites we have forged a strong online brand and created a massive audience for the marketing of our clients’ retail properties.

Currently Strategic is operating 10 YouTube Channels with property videos that have generated over 20,000 viewings. Our twitter feeds are followed by over 1,700 people daily who rely on Strategic to provide up to the minute retail news and article links in one place so they can stay up to speed with retail related content. Our company Facebook page is a great forum for local retailers and restaurants to interact and promote their businesses and share content and feedback in an Arizona focused retail forum.

Prospective tenants in today’s world, similarly to online car shoppers, have taken to searching/shopping online prior to reaching out to owners of real estate regarding available spaces. Tenants can conveniently search and gather information, and can then reach out with questions, comments, feedback and concerns on their own schedule. Our YouTube Channels and company website pages are populated with contact capture components that allow tenants to reach out to us directly at any time of the day or night as they search and find our client’s videos and information in many places on the web and are drawn back to our shopping center property pages.

By innovating and leading the marketplace in utilizing video production for our retail shopping centers we have pioneered many new forms of marketing pieces including a interactive clickable brochure that with one click on a site plan will playback video of an available space interior for prospective tenants to get a “instant” showing of a space. This innovation has shortened the deal timeline and sped up prospective tenant qualifications.

Although innovation is a company strength, we have not forgotten the basic blocking and tackling skills needed to lease space for our clients. Our firm is dedicated to face-to-face marketing via canvassing and cold calling and we are the top direct mail marketers in the retail brokerage industry. Combining the new innovative marketing processes with proven traditional marketing techniques we are achieving remarkable results for our clients in a slow economy.

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