Strategic Retail Group is Pleased to Welcome Back Josh Stewart

Strategic Retail Group is pleased to welcome back Josh Stewart, Senior Vice President, to our retail brokerage team. Josh returns to Strategic Retail Group after previously working at SRG from its inception until 2010. Continue reading

Strategic Retail Group is pleased to announce the addition of Matt Schrauth

Strategic Retail Group is pleased to announce the addition of Matt Schrauth, Senior Vice President to our retail brokerage team. Matt brings a wealth of experience along with strong, long lasting relationships throughout the Phoenix market and advanced skills in networking, marketing and business development to the SRG team.

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Strategic Retail Group is pleased to announce the addition of Kristina Remon


Strategic Retail Group is pleased to announce the addition of Kristina Remon, Associate to our retail brokerage team. Continue reading

10 Reasons You Should Use a Tenant Representative

One of the most misunderstood aspects of commercial leasing is the use of brokers and representation. It’s important for occupiers of space to understand representation, how brokers can assist in the process, and the costs associated with using a broker. As the market quickly shifts to a landlord favorable market, tenants need a good representative now more than ever. Continue reading

Millennial’s Transition to Buying Homes- What does this mean for Phoenix retail?

A recent Bloomberg Business article came out stating that increased rents for apartments are driving Millennial’s to make their first purchase on a home. Continue reading

Southern Plaza Sells for $11.9 M

Jason Fessinger and Matt Milinovich of Strategic Retail Group represented a 1031 Buyer from Beverly Hills, California in the $11,900,000.00 sale of Southern Plaza. Continue reading

Strategic Retail Group is pleased to announce the addition of Erin Schrauth

Erin Schrauth - Senior AssociateStrategic Retail Group is pleased to announce the addition of Erin Schrauth, Senior Associate to our team. Continue reading

The 4 Biggest Misconceptions About Millennials

Every time I sit down at new economic forecast, read up on industry news, or check my twitter feed there is someone talking about Millennials. And rightfully so. Continue reading

How to Get Your Mail Opened and Read First…

How To Get Prospects to Read Your Mail

As real estate salespeople, we are constantly sending letters, brochures, post cards, etc. to our prospective tenants and future clients.

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7 Questions to Ask If You Are Selling Your Commercial Building

street sign


Here are 7 KEY Questions:

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My First ICSC ReCon Convention

ICSC-CentralSince the beginning of my time in this industry I was told about the great ICSC convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stories from around the office filled my expectations and created an extravagant image in my head of Wall Street like meetings and negotiations with the best real estate minds all over the world.

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Why Brokers are Needed Now More Than Ever…

There is a term that has been born over the past seven years, “The New Normal.” What does this mean when we say it? How has it changed the landscape of negotiating and more importantly, how does it fit in to how we actually complete transactions today?

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Disappearing Retail Incentives

An improving retail market means the big tenant incentives of the last few years are vanishing…

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Bank Lending Will Continue to Grow Arizona Performing Impressively

Economic growth and American businesses’ demand for expansion will lead to business lending growth “at a near double digit annual rate” over the next couple of years, Continue reading

Will We Start to See Retail Development Again? Part Deux

A Rise in Noteworthy New Retail Development in Arizona? Sprouts & Fry’s Marketplace Anchored Centers coming soon in the Valley. 

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The Quick Service Pizza Craze

The latest concepts to hit the valley are from the quick fire pizza craze that is sweeping the nation.  Continue reading

Phoenix Retail Commercial Real Estate Review and 2014 Forecast

“Like dreams, statistics are a form of wish fulfillment” – Jean Baudrillard

For most of us in the retail commercial real estate business in Phoenix, AZ the last 5 years were more of a nightmare than a dream. However 2013 was a very busy year and all signs are pointing toward a healthier and more vibrant retail market in 2014. Continue reading